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Five last-minute tips to prepare for RACs

Recovery Auditor Report, October 15, 2009

RACs have begun auditing at this point, and providers in some states may have received their first denial letters this week. But many providers seem to still be waiting, holding their breath, and worrying whether the mail carrier might deliver their first RAC demand letter(s) that day.
But however tempting it may be to simply wait, providers can still use this time effectively. Consider the following tips from several RAC experts:

Tip 1: Verify your contact information with your RAC.Yes, you may have submit your contact information to your RAC months ago, but use this time to verify your RAC has the information and it is correct, says Yvonne Focke, RN, BSN, MBA, director of revenue cycle and integrated care services at St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Kentucky. Focke submitted her preferred contact information for all RAC correspondence months ago, but recently discovered her RAC didn't have the information. Checking to make sure the RAC has your information is especially important if you are part of a large health system. And try to get written or e-mail confirmation from your RAC verifying it has the correct information on file for your organization, says Focke.

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