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RAC Audits to begin in Region C: Connolly posts issues eligible for RAC review

Recovery Auditor Report, August 6, 2009

Heads up, healthcare providers: Connolly Healthcare, the RAC for Region C, has posted the first set of issues eligible for RAC review on its Web site.

The issues are approved for outpatient hospital and physician providers in South Carolina. But even if you aren’t located in South Carolina, if Connolly is your RAC, prepare for these issues in your state as well, says Nancy Beckley, MS, MBA, CHC, of the Bloomingdale Consulting Group, Inc.

Kimberly Anderwood Hoy, JD, CPC, director of Medicare and compliance at HCPro, Inc., agrees that providers outside Connolly’s jurisdiction may want to review the issues as a clue to what RACs might audit in their area. However, she notes that providers should anticipate that RACs will audit for different issues for different jurisdictions although there certainly could be some overlap.

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