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CMS releases four new and updated RAC FAQ

Recovery Auditor Report, May 28, 2009

CMS released four new and updated RAC FAQ on May 19. The FAQ range from the broad ("Why is CMS using RACs?") to the specific ("Will the RACs review evaluation and management services on physician claims under Part B?"). A third question updates the contact information for each region's RAC.
The fourth new FAQ informs readers where to go with questions concerning RAC communications. "Providers should first attempt to contact the RAC through the customer service line. If that does not answer the provider's questions and/or concerns, then the provider can contact CMS," according to the FAQ. (Contact CMS regarding RAC questions or concerns at CMS
Interestingly, the FAQ concerning RAC contact information does not specifically contain Web site address information, which many providers may find most useful—especially as the permanent program implementation moves forward and the RACs begin posting lists of issues for which RACs will audit. While not all of the RAC Web sites have been approved or announced by CMS at this time, the following sites are currently correct for the RACs:

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