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Insurance verification, self-pay collections improve

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, December 17, 2008

Editor’s note: We asked several patient access managers to give us some of their highlights from 2008.

Debra Keller, CHAA, admissions/registration director, Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital, Grand Rapids, MN

Some of our highlights this year were:

  • Insurance verification software. Our biggest achievement this year was implementing our insurance verification software at our front registration. We had the registration software company basically rewrite their program to be more automated and user-friendly at our front registration area. This took many months, but the end result has been very successful, and we are able to verify eligibility for 98% of our patients checking in.
  • Self-pay collection process. Creating a process that helps the front patient access staff with the tools they need to collect co-pays. This included transparency in reporting to each of the individual front patient access staff using weekly reports and mentoring.
  • Competency testing yearly for staff members. This includes a multiple choice and an open three-page test along with quarterly computer tests of specific registration processes.

Our future plans include moving from a “hard console” to a computer soft console in our switchboard and implementing a new Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR).


1 comments on “Insurance verification, self-pay collections improve

Betty Heinfeld (8/20/2012 at 8:37 AM)
May I ask what product you are using for Insurance verification?


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