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Tip: Get physicians on board to lessen the effects of RACs

Recovery Auditor Report, December 11, 2008

If documentation in the medical record is not accurate, complete and timely patient care can be compromised. The effect on RAC reviews will also be profound. Therefore, good and appropriate physician documentation is a must for success. 
A clinical documentation program along with a strong case management department can go a long way in educating physicians with respect to any identified weak documentation practices. The best approach is to enlist physician leaders in the process. Physicians usually will do what is necessary for their hospitals if their peers explain what is required of them. A major incentive for physicians will now be that the RACs may be reviewing the records in their offices to review their medical records. Provide physicians with their data now to assist them in changing documentation for forthcoming RAC reviews. 

Editor’s note: This tip is excerpted from HCPro, Inc.’s new book, The HIM Director's Guide to Recovery Audit Contractors, by Jean S. Clark, RHIA. For more information on the book, click here.


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