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SPEAKING OF MSP: Tips to monitor staff members’ efficiency

Patient Access Weekly Advisor, September 24, 2008

Editor’s note: These tips are provided by Stephanie Smithson, CHAM, patient access manager at Dunn Memorial Hospital in Bedford, IN. Her facility scored 100% on a recent federal MSP compliance audit.

  • Verify that your current processes are working. Review a sample number of MSPs on a consistent basis. For example, review all inpatients or all ED patients or a sample of all types of registration either weekly or monthly. The minimum should be 10% or 30 records per your review period for a productive sampling.
  • Review your current MSP processes for opportunities to improve. Look at the training materials, the accuracy rates, and the processes you have in place to see where and on what you can improve. Ask staff members what gives them the most trouble, and customize your training or re-training focus in that area.

    The entire story about Dunn’s success with the MSP will appear in the November edition of Patient Access Advisor.


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