Wellness strategies to use during the COVID-19 pandemic

Residency Program Insider, April 29, 2020

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Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, physicians and other healthcare workers were already at a high risk for burnout due to the demands of their jobs. Now that hospitals are busier than ever, their well-being is at greater risk. In response, Rush University Medical Center commissioned a wellness task force to develop key strategies to reinforce wellness.

The resources Rush University Medical Center created to enhance its well-being outreach include:

  • Wellness rounds: Members of a wellness response team are assigned different units of the medical center and regularly performs rounds to provide support to healthcare workers. The team meets for a huddle every weekday to discuss the state of each unit.
  • Wellness consult service: Health professionals that need evaluations, triage, recommendations for mental health and well-being resources can anonymously page a member of the wellness team.
  • Wellness resource hub and rooms: The medical center has a dedicated space in which any health professional can go to for confidential counseling from psychologists and licensed clinical social workers or to relax and have a healthy snack. A network of wellness rooms are located throughout the medical center for health professionals unable to leave their units.

Source: AMA

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