Review goals and objectives

Residency Program Insider, May 12, 2017

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Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from The Program Evaluation Committee Handbook: From Annual Program Evaluation to Self-Study.For more information about this book, click here.

Per the ACGME, each rotation at each postgraduate year level must have competency-based goals and objectives (G&O). Programs should review the G&O annually to ensure that residents have clear, current expectations for their rotations. One person should be responsible for tracking when G&O are reviewed and by whom, but the person does not necessarily have to be a program evaluation committee (PEC) member. For example, the program coordinator or education manager could be responsible for making sure that the G&O are reviewed and updated, and for documenting this in a footnote on the G&O document. Ideally, this should happen before the beginning of a new education year so that any changes can be instituted in July. Faculty such as educational liaisons or section heads are responsible for actually writing the specific G&O for each rotation and each postgraduate year level. Each program will have a different process, but for every program, the PEC “should participate actively” in the review of the G&O on a yearly basis, suggesting updates and revisions.

Note that the PEC does not itself have to review the G&O; rather, it can delegate this project, and it probably should do so if not all rotations are represented in the PEC. Delegating the review of certain G&O for certain rotations because expertise for a particular rotation lies outside the purview of the PEC committee members is still considered active participation in the review.

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