Easing your way into a leadership role

Residency Program Insider, May 8, 2015

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During HCPro’s recent webcast, The Residency Coordinator’s Path to Leadership, Patti D. Davison, BGS, chair of the American Residency Coordinators in Obstetrics & Gynecology and education coordinator for the department of OB-GYN at East Tennessee State University Quillen College of Medicine, answered several questions from the audience. See one of Davison’s responses below and click here to order the presentation on demand.

Q: How do I take on a leadership role without overstepping my boundaries?

Davison: I think that would be in baby steps. So sit on a committee, serve as a committee member. I’ve been at the university for 20 years and… I know I sat in on a lot of internal reviews in my day and I did that for a couple of reasons. It helped me learn the core requirements a whole lot better by going through someone else’s documents with a fine tooth comb. Then when it came time for our site visit, I felt like I could lead our conversation, lead our committee on things that we have met, things that we have not met, and giving statistical information or feedback on what our program has done over years or has not done over the years. Now it has taken me time to evolve into that but yes you do have to be careful not to overstep your bounds. Folks are territorial in their positions and if they feel threatened by you it could cause a rift in the office. You just have to wade through that minefield the best you can.


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