Tip of the week: Link evaluations with goals and objectives

Residency Program Insider, August 16, 2011

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Ensure that your residents know and understand the criteria for satisfactory academic performance. Your program should be clear about goals and objectives for each rotation and distribute them to each resident at the start of each rotation or assignment. Also inform your residents about the evaluation methods your program uses to assess each of the ACGME’s six general competencies. The rotation goals should specifically state expectations for residents’ performance, and that level of performance should coincide with the residents’ year of training. The following is an example of expectations for an obstetrical service:

  • The PGY-1 (first year) resident is expected to evaluate and make management recommendations for uncomplicated obstetrical patients in an outpatient setting with little direction from the faculty.
  • The PGY-4 (fourth year) resident should be able to develop a comprehensive medical plan for an obstetrical patient with diabetes mellitus. This plan should include prenatal testing, optimal blood sugar control, and indications for delivery.

Each rotation’s evaluation forms should include faculty members’ comments that address specific deficiencies in a resident’s performance. If appropriate to the rotation or assignment, the evaluation form should address all six ACGME general competencies. Faculty members need to understand what constitutes minimal acceptable performance, and you should encourage them to give specific examples of inadequate performance. A comment such as “lack of medical knowledge” is not particularly helpful to you, the program director, or to the resident. You need specifics to be able to counsel a resident effectively.

This week's tip is from The Residency Program Director's Handbook.

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