Tip of the week: Incorporate PBLI into every rotation

Residency Program Insider, August 2, 2011

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Knowledge managment, although a relatively new concept, is applied in different ways in different settings. The introduction of quality measures and system improvement practices within the microsystem demonstrates how knowledge about practice is generated and managed. Medical education shifts from lectures, rounds, conferences, and reading to the dynamic process of team meetings and both individual and microsystem betterment through continuous quality improvement. The curriculum is driven by the need to solve patient problems and to continually improve the care we deliver.

Teaching rounds (clinic attending): The content and process of the conversations between teacher and learner during teaching rounds, clinic, or a procedure should focus on the attending physician understanding the learner’s thinking and making the appropriate corrections to errors in methods. When the teacher focuses on the care delivered and sees the learner as a professional member of the team and microsystem delivering the care, the elements of PBLI come alive. Every attending physician activity is an opportunity to demonstrate the principles of medical education contained within PBLI. When you bring the learning portfolio into the clinical setting, it becomes a useful tool for tracking learning and demonstrating improvement.

This week's tip is from, A Practical Guide to Teaching and Assessing the ACGME Core Competencies, Second Edition.


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