Tip of the week: Advocate for a revised coordinator job description

Residency Program Insider, July 12, 2011

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One of the best ways coordinators can promote themselves is to review their job descriptions so that it adequately reflects their responsibilities. Look closely at the wording; you may need to change the action verbs to reflect managerial tasks as opposed to clerical tasks.

For example, a phrase such as “update program database systems on a regular basis” makes the function sound clerical in nature. Instead, change it to sound more managerial, such as “manage the database systems; analyze and report results.”

To find the right words for your job description, consider accessing Bloom’s Taxonomy. This is a classification of the higher levels of learning that require more complex cognitive processes. Also look at job descriptions your institution has for managers and administrators. Use the same phrasing to describe your job functions.

Several coordinator associations, such as the Association of Program Coordinators in Radiology, have job descriptions that are helpful to refer to when creating one for your institution or program. Visit their websites to see sample descriptions. To see what other institutions offer, perform searches on job search engine websites for terms such as “residency program coordinator” or “residency training administrator” and read the job descriptions.

This week’s tip is from The Residency Coordinator Handbook, Second Edition by Ruth H. Nawotniak. See Nawotniak and other GME experts speak on coordinator advocacy, program management and m ore at the 6th Annual Residency Program Management Workshop Sept. 15-16th in Chicago, IL.

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