Ask the expert: What are the most commonly used reports available via the ACGME Case Log System?

Residency Program Insider, May 24, 2011

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The ACGME Case Log System includes several reports that present procedural data in different formats for different purposes. These reports include the following:

  • Resident Operative Report: This report is a summative experience report, which shows the total number of specific procedures within specific categories or areas. In some programs, this report will also identify what the role of the resident was in the experience.
  • Resident Full Detail and Resident Brief Detail reports: These reports list the specific procedures an individual resident has performed with either all or limited details, respectively. They are organized by date. Refer to this report when a resident requests a list of the procedures he or she has completed.
  • CPT Summary Report: This report shows the summative numbers of procedures a resident has done, organized by CPT codes and categories or areas.
  • Resident Activity Report: This report shows the last date a patient encounter was logged into the system and the date of the last patient encounter entered. For example, if a resident’s patient encounter was on February 8 and not entered until March 30, that information would appear on this report. Pull data from this report when preparing to update your program director on where residents stand in accruing patient encounters as well as in the timeliness of data entry. It clearly shows how current your case listing is and how up-to-date your summative numbers are. When using this report, check to see whether vacation or leave time affect the data, as well as any rotation experiences that may have low or no patient activity.

This week’s question and answer is from The Residency Coordinator’s Handbook, Second Edition, by Ruth H. Nawotniak, MS, C-TAGME.

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