Tip of the week: Make program director evaluations part of the annual program review

Residency Program Insider, March 22, 2011

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Include program director evaluations as part of the ACGME-required annual faculty assessment by residents to simplify distribution and collection of the documents.

Use your program’s faculty performance evaluation as your foundation and add questions specific to the program director’s responsibilities. Topics to address may include the program director’s ability to:

  • Meet with residents
  • Provide residents with timely feedback
  • Address residents’ concerns about the program
  • Problem solve
  • Comply with ACGME requirements
  • Act as an educator, advisor, and advocate

Protect trainee anonymity by asking the clinical director or department chair to review the resident’s comments. Meet with this individual to discuss the results. Also, consider asking the program coordinator to summarize the results and comments in a report for you.

Even if you have an excellent relationship with residents and think that you hear about program problems immediately, formal program director evaluations still yield valuable insights. During annual evaluations, residents have an opportunity to step back from the daily happenings of the program and think about the year as a whole. The new perspective may help them draw conclusions about your performance that they hadn’t thought about previously.

Take time to reflect on the residents’ feedback and comments. People have a tendency to dismiss critical feedback, but if the same concerns are listed on several evaluations, take a few days to objectively consider the issues identified. Chances are you will find that there is room for improvement.

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