Medical students and nurses partner in new program to enhance patient care

Residency Program Insider, August 31, 2010

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We know that interdisciplinary care is in patients' best interests. We also know it can be difficult for professionals from various healthcare disciplines to work together.

Physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and all the other professions that participate in patient care are educated in very different ways. It can be difficult for each group to understand where the others are coming from. It's no surprise that sometimes interdisciplinary care does not go as smoothly as patients—or providers—would like.

That’s why an innovative program at Florida International University is attempting to teach providers how to work together, while, at the same time, benefiting the local community in a program called Green Family NeighborhoodHELP™. The university is matching students from multiple healthcare disciplines with families in local communities in an outreach project to bring healthcare to them.

A medical student and a nursing student will pair up to visit one or two uninsured or underinsured families in local neighborhoods. The students will work with those families to identify health and social needs and bring in students from disciplines, such as social work, as needed.

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