Tip of the month: Review the PIF with residents

Residency Program Insider, October 13, 2009

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It is essential that the residents are aware of and agree with the PIF’s content. The ACGME issues many citations based on the information residents give the site visitor. Typically, the citations occur because of one of the following two reasons:

  • The residents do not confirm information contained in the PIF
  • The residents provide answers contrary to what is written in the PIF

One month before the site visit, sit down with the residents who will meet with the site visitor and review the PIF with them. Residents may not always understand the nuances of program management or residency review committee (RRC) requirements and how the program administers and meets them. Consider this a great opportunity for discussing those topics.

Additionally, the program director should clarify any questions the residents have about the
PIF’s content. Residents should have a crystal-clear understanding of your responses and the rationale behind each.

Never coach residents on how they should answer questions posed by the site visitor. However,
it is incumbent on the program director to ensure that the residents understand the following points:

  • How the accreditation process works
  • What role the PIF plays
  • What role the site visitor plays
  • What happens to the PIF after the site visitor leaves
  • The kinds of questions the site visitor may be asked
  • The content of the PIF

This week’s tip is from Program Information Form Made Simple, by Jeri L. Whitten, C-TAGME. Come see Jeri’s presentation about PIF and site visit preparation at the 4th Annual Residency Program Management Workshop Oct. 22-23 in Atlanta, GA.

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