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Code diagnoses and outpatient treatment for PTSD

Physician Practice Insider, February 9, 2016

Signs and symptoms of PTSD typically appear within three months of the event, however, in some cases, they can be internalized and take longer to recognize. Flashbacks, hyperarousal (overreactions), and avoidance are the most frequently experienced behaviors. When the symptoms are acute but then dissipate after a few weeks, this may be diagnosed as acute stress disorder (ASD) reported with ICD-10-CM code F43.0 (acute stress reaction), also known as crisis state or psychic shock.

When the patient experiences at least one flashback or “re-experiencing” symptom, at least two hyperarousal symptoms, and at least three avoidance symptoms that last longer than one month, it may be PTSD.

Additionally, these patients often experience depression and anxiety and attempt to self-medicate, resulting in substance abuse. PTSD is reported with the following ICD-10-CM codes:

  • F43.10, post-traumatic stress disorder, unspecified
  • F43.11, post-traumatic stress disorder, acute
  • F43.12, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic

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