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Cellphone theft results in breach of PHI of more than 5,000 patients

Physician Practice Insider, February 10, 2015

The protected health information (PHI) of 5,117 patients treated at a physician group affiliated with St. Peter’s Health Partners in Albany, New York, was exposed when a manager’s cellphone was stolen, according to

The stolen cellphone had access to corporate email systems and PHI for patients of St. Peter’s Medical Associates, P.C., including:

  • Patient names
  • Dates of birth
  • Days, times, and locations of medical appointments
  • General descriptions of reasons for appointments

The PHI was primarily limited to that of patients treated from August to November 2014.

Health system officials learned of the cellphone theft November 24, 2014. Home addresses and phone numbers of two patients were listed in an email that could be accessed from the phone. The health system notified all affected patients, according to

This article originally appeared on the HIPAA Update blog.

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