What should you ask a job candidate?

Nurse Leader Insider, September 7, 2007

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Asking the right questions in interviews can help managers get the answers that will enable them to select the right candidate for the right job. When interviewing a candidate for a position at your facility, some good questions to ask include the following:

 What do you love most about your current job?

 Why are you looking to make a change?

 What are your salary requirements?

 What are your professional goals?

 Can you provide me with an example of a challenge you faced while on the job and then tell me how you overcame it?

 How long do you anticipate staying at this hospital?

 What type of nursing tasks do you least enjoy?

 Describe a situation in which you were working in a nursing capacity and you felt angry.

 With what type of people do you most enjoy working? With what type do you least like working?

 If you were not a nurse, what other profession do you think you would enter?

 Why did you choose to become a nurse and not a physician?

 Tell me what you would do if you knew you had done excellent work but a doctor questioned it.

 Can you give me an example of a time when you knew you had done a good job?

 What traits do you like in a supervisor?

 How would you respond if a head nurse asked you to complete a menial task?

 Could you tell me a bit more about this gap in your practicing experience? Do you have the name of the treating physician who I could contact with any questions?

 Why are you interested in this hospital in particular?

Editor's Note: This tool was adapted from the Tools Library, part of HCPro's new online resource,!

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