Nurse-sensitive initiatives

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, April 24, 2007

Being able to assess, analyze, and evaluate nursing outcomes at the organizational, department, and individual-unit level is key. But for this to happen, RNs must articulate their involvement in nursing department and unit-based nurse sensitive performance improvement initiatives. An example would be keeping staff nurses informed regarding department of nursing and unit-based nurse sensitive performance improvement initiatives. This requires communicating what nurse-sensitive initiatives are ongoing and what units are below the benchmark. When a unit is below the benchmark, it is strongly important to follow these three steps:

  1. Complete a literature search on nurse-sensitive initiatives
  2. Develop a corrective action plan based on best practices as described in the literature
  3. Monitor and evaluate nursing intervention by staff nurses involved in the initiative

When staff nurses are involved in the performance improvement process and have access to tools that track the intervention's success, nurses are able to address questions regarding how their practice has impacted patient outcomes.

Source: Adapted from Ready, Set, Designation!: HCPro's Guide for the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® Site Visit. Click here for more information.

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