Tips on cutting doses in half

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, March 5, 2007

Remember, a "scored" tablet is the only kind of tablet you should cut in half. These tablets come with a pre-cut mark, or "score," imprinted on the tablet, dividing it into half. The pharmaceutical company is aware that these tablets are often cut in half to adjust the dosage, so they make it easy for you to do so.

Dealing with a suppository? A suppository is made in one piece, but the ends are different: One end is bullet-shaped for easy entry, and the other end is flared to assist in its retention. Therefore, if you need to cut a suppository in half, cut it lengthwise, not sideways.

Source: Stressed Out About Drug Math, HCPro, Inc., 2006. For more information on our series of Stressed Out books, visit

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