Spread the word: Strategies to collect evidence

HCPro's Weekly Update on the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®*, December 12, 2006

Employees at all levels and across all disciplines should contribute evidence to the documentation for application for ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® (MRP)  status. A highly effective way to get staff involved organizationwide is to actively communicate with them using various means. Town meetings, quarterly forums, newsletters, announcements, and mutual exchanges at various committee or shared governance council meetings all support the communication chain.

Create an MRP e-mail address or design a Web page on your organizational Intranet for MRP announcements and requests for evidence. Consider creating a form to promote staff submission of stories. You may choose to pass out this form during the activities or events described above or e-mail an electronic version to staff. Consider setting up drop boxes in convenient, high-traffic areas to allow staff to turn in their submissions at their convenience.

Some organizations also assign the members of a small, internal writing team the task of providing the evidence for each Force. After this evidence is compiled and a rough draft of the written documentation is completed, the team members send the draft through their nursing shared governance councils for a review of the depth and breadth of the evidence.

Source: Adapted from HCPro's new book, The Project Director's Toolkit: HCPro's Guide to Collecting Evidence and Writing Narratives for the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®. 

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