Tips for recruiting passive job seekers

Nurse Leader Insider, August 31, 2017

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Passive job seekers are veteran nurses that already have a job and not actively searching, but they would be open to new opportunities or promotions outside of their organization. It can be difficult to find these individuals, as they aren’t part of the usual methods for recruitment, but some recruiters are making the effort and using digital media to find these experienced nurses.

Social Media: While passive job seekers won’t be active on job boards, they will likely be active on social media platforms like twitter and facebook. Posting ads that target by location and education levels can be useful, but just maintaining an active social media profile can be helpful as well. If you share engaging stories about your facilities and topics that interest nurses, you can draw an audience of proactive nurses; then when you have a job opening, a brief social media post about the position can attract a new audience that job boards won’t reach.

Content Marketing: In addition to traditional types of marketing (email, social media, ads, etc.), content marketing can position a facility to attract the best candidates. Content marketing entails creating useful content, such as articles, best practices, and other resources that will be valuable to readers. This content can leave an impression and position your facility as a thought leader and desirable place to practice, so when that job ad or social media post pops up, the reader will remember the valuable information they learned and become more likely to apply to the opening.

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