3 Keys to unlocking nursing excellence

Nurse Leader Insider, March 30, 2017

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The top concerns of nurse leaders are related to nurse recruitment, nurse retention, and nurse engagement. A HealthLeaders Intelligence Report details the challenges.

The top three challenges facing nurse leaders are not unexpected:

  • Nurse retention (61%)
  • Nurse recruitment (59%)
  • Nurse engagement (35%) (Nurse leadership development came in a close fourth at 33%.)

But another finding of the HealthLeaders Intelligence Report: Nursing Excellence: Leadership Development, Culture, and Retention, which queried 266 respondents, was unexpected.

At the HealthLeaders Media 2016 CNO Exchange in November, how to attract and keep nurses was a major topic of discussion during the event's breakout sessions.

And during my conversations with nurse leaders from around the country, I have noticed more and more acknowledgement that both nurse engagement and nurse leadership development influence nurse retention.

In fact, there are a number of concurrent sessions and poster presentations on nurse engagement on the docket at the AONE 2017 annual conference which starts Wednesday in Baltimore.

What did surprise me about the report's findings was that only 10% of the respondents said generational differences were a challenge.

I've heard many nurse leaders say that millennials have very different work habits and preferences than the generations of nurses before them. A significant portion of our discussion at the CNO Exchange focused on how millennial nurses seem to prefer to move from job to job every few years and, if new opportunities are not available, they will leave an organization to find them elsewhere.

In fact, the decade-long RN Work Project study has found that roughly half of all newly licensed RNs leave their job within two years.

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