In the news: HCW stress leads to drugs? Informal survey gives interesting insight

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, August 9, 2010

A recent informal poll by ImpactedNurse of more than 100 healthcare professionals, mostly nurses, shows that 23% of participants felt stress that affected them after their shift was over and that 32% said stress makes it difficult to sleep.

The survey also asked about drug use as a way to alleviate stress. Most (44%) respondents said they "occasionally" use alcohol to manage stress, while 12% said they use it regularly, and 6% reported drinking regularly as a result of stress.

Most concerning may be that 10% reported being under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol "one or twice" while at work, and that 17% said the thought of illegally acquiring medication from work has crossed their mind.

Exercise and sports was a popular way to alleviate stress (42%), while 30% reported various activities, including shopping, overeating, computer games, and blogging.

The survey, which is ongoing, can be viewed here.

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