In the mix: Mother and daughter tackle nursing field together

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, June 21, 2010

The phrase "like-mother-like-daughter" definitely pertains to Barbara Toney and Rachel Craft, who this month became the first mother and daughter pair to graduate from the Ohio University Southern (OUS) school of nursing.

After receiving advice from the Lawrence County Workforce Development Resource Center, Toney and Craft decided nursing would be a good fit for the both of them. Craft, being recently married, believed the schedule to be a great fit, while Toney, 50, decided to go back to school after raising her four children and liked the idea of benefits and job security. Toney also believes that being a mom and a caregiver helped her make the decision. "I just enjoy doing things for people and taking care of people," Toney told The Ironton (OH) Tribune.

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