In the news: Twin City hospitals will talk with nurses under one condition

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, June 21, 2010

On June 10, nurses from 14 Twin Cities (MN) hospitals participated in a one-day walkout, and now Twin City hospitals say they're ready to go back to the bargaining table with the Minnesota Nurses Association, according to the Star Tribune. However, the hospitals say they will only meet under one condition: the union must agree not to strike until at least July 31.

John Budd, a professor at the University of Michigan, tells Star Tribune that this proposal "indicates how far apart the parties are" because they are now "negotiating over negotiating."

The hospital and the nurses clashed over ideas about nurse-to-patient ratios, whether nurses should be allowed to float to other units, and whether they should be sent home if the unit is experiencing a lull.

No date has been set for the nurses and hospitals to resume discussions.

Source: Star

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