In the news: Hospital fined for failure to report nurse workplace injuries

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, May 24, 2010

Tufts Medical Center in Boston will pay $5,000 in fines after an OSHA investigation found the hospital did not keep adequate documentation to track injuries to nurses, according to a Massachusetts Nurses Association (MNA) press release.

The investigation resulted from a complaint filed by MNA after its own investigation on workplace violence at the facility in 2009, which found that Tufts Medical Center did not prepare an annual summary of work-related injuries for 2007 or 2008, failed to track absentee days due to injuries (even for one employee who was out for more than 180 days), and failed to document sharps and needlestick injuries and illnesses. The hospital must also post a public notice to registered nurses regarding this failure to document.

The hospital has had other issues with nursing staff this year as well. In February, nurses at the hospital staged a protest against what they considered dangerous staffing conditions.

Source: MNA press release

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