In the mix: NJ hospital finds creative ways to improve nurse satisfaction

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, May 17, 2010

There are many ways to improve satisfaction among nurses, but Rebecca Hendren, of HealthLeaders Media, discovered a few small ways one hospital is improving satisfaction.

Chilton Memorial Hospital (CMH) in Pompton Plains, NJ, designated a specific time for relatives to call. As part of a larger initiative to improve quality of care on medical/surgical units, CMH now has relatives concerned about loved ones call at a specific time each day. This way, nurses are not interrupted at their beginning of their shift when they are listening to reports and checking in on their patients for the day—the time relatives also call most often. Now, nurses plan their day around the calls, and prepare for the calls by ensuring they have all wanted information prior to speaking to relatives.

CMH also implemented a "no pass zone"—which means that if a nurse passes a patient's room with a call light on, whether it's his or her patient, he or she will address the patient's need.


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