In the news: Nurses receive free Cinnabons during Nurses’ Week

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, May 10, 2010

As Nurses Week is upon us (May 6-12), many organizations and companies are coming up with ways to honor nurses in any way they can. Whether it is free cookies in the break room, banners hanging from the ceilings, or a placard with quotes from physicians on why they appreciate nurses, most facilities are honoring their nurses. But it doesn’t stop there. Even some companies are honoring nurses.

Take Cinnabon, for instance.

Collaborating with The DAISY (Diseases Attacking the Immune Systems) Foundation, these two organizations found a way to show their appreciation for nurses and the extraordinary service nurses provide on a daily basis. During Nurses Week, when a nurse shows their healthcare badge at any local Cinnabon bakery, he or she will receive a free Cinnabon Classic Roll.

“Nurses always put others before themselves, so we’re happy to thank them for their constant ‘WOW’ service,” said Gary Bales, Cinnabon president, in an official statement.

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