In the news: AACN launches centralized application for nursing school

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, April 5, 2010

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) recently launched NursingCAS, the first national centralized application services for students applying to registered nursing programs, according to an AACN press release.

Prospective students can now use one electronic application with one set of corresponding materials to apply to schools nationwide (though there is a fee for every school applied to, $45 for the first entry, $30 thereafter). Customers using NursingCAS will have access to customer service throughout the process.

The AACN hopes to ease the burden for students who wish to apply to more than one school, and also to help nursing programs fill empty seats. According to the release, last year, almost 55,000 qualified applicants were turned away, even though 14,000 seats nationwide were left unfilled.

So far, 40 programs are accepting NursingCAS applications. For more information and to view the list of participating programs, click here.


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