In the news: Nurses say distractions cut bedside time by 25%

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, March 15, 2010

Out of the typical 12-hour shift, nurses spend three hours away from the patient's bedside, reports John Commins for HealthLeaders Media. The distractions come in the form of documentation in multiple locations, redundant paperwork, and securing equipment.

The nationwide survey, conducted last fall for Jackson Healthcare, the Alpharetta, GA-based healthcare staffing and management company, targeted nurses, nursing managers, and CNOs. It was conducted with StatCom and Travel Nurse Solutions, and was based upon the online responses from 1,663 hospital nurses.

Though experts agree that thorough documentation is unlikely to go away because of healthcare regulations that ensure accountability and safety, nurses polled said time wasters could be countered with more ancillary staff support, hospital-wide communications, and redundant regulatory requirements.

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