In the mix: Keeping older nurses in the workforce

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, March 1, 2010

If you're a young nurse, I'm sure you rely on older, more experienced nurses for help. Not only is their expertise valuable, but older nurses make up so much of the nursing workforce that hospitals need them. The nursing shortage is certainly looming, making it more important than ever to ensure that older nurses who wish to stay working beyond retirement age can do so, reports Rebecca Hendren for HealthLeaders Media in her latest column.

The Health Resources and Services Administration Bureau of Health Professions found in 2004 that the average RN was 46.8 years old, but many nurses consider what they do a passion and stay working past retirement age. Hospital and nurse leadership can help older nurses thrive in their work environment, which ultimately helps the entire nursing department by preventing a shortage of nurses and allowing older nurses to help mentor new nurses.


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