In the know: Fitting into the work environment

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, January 25, 2010

As a new graduate you will learn to work with many different personalities and work "cultures." To do this successfully, you must understand yourself and how you work so that you can fit into the team with which you are working.

Socialization or fitting in on your unit is as important as increasing your nursing skills. If you do not work at trying to be part of the team, your experience at work may not be a happy one and you may run the risk of becoming one of the statistics of new-grad turnover.

The following are some tips on fitting in:

  • Take your breaks off the unit and with your teammates. Do not isolate yourself in the breakroom.
  • Take the first step and make every effort to get to know you coworkers. Ask them about themselves, their family, their grandchildren, pets, outside hobbies, etc. Listen to what they have to say.
  • Avoid getting involved in any workplace gossip or issues, which can lead to conflict and interpersonal tension. This just adds to a largely stressful work environment.

For more tips, check out HCPro's book, Stressed Out About Your First Year of Nursing.

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