In the news: Nurse fired over flu shot refusal

Stressed Out Nurses Weekly, January 11, 2010

A nurse at Seton Medical Center in Daly City, TX, was fired last month after refusing to get flu vaccinations or wear a mask while working with patients, reports

The policy requires employees in patient care areas at its 10 hospitals to get both seasonal and H1N1 vaccinations, or if they refuse, to wear a mask during their shift until flu season ends. Employees were required to get the seasonal flu vaccine by October 1, 2009 and are required to get the H1N1 vaccine by January 15, 2010. Seton spokesperson Matilda Sanchez said the goal of the policy is to keep employees and patients healthy.

Laurie Haw, the nurse who was fired, said she had a strong immune system and was opposed to getting the vaccine. She also told she did not want to work wearing a mask all day, especially because she works in a surgical recovery area where patients are waking up from surgery and may be frightened upon seeing someone in a surgical mask.


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