HCTW news: New simulation trains staff on alcohol abuse

Staff Development Weekly: Insight on Evidence-Based Practice in Education, September 4, 2008

To prepare healthcare providers for handling patients with alcohol dependency, new technology allows for a conversation with a simulated patient revolving around alcohol usage.

SIMmersion LLC, a simulation computer program, was developed in partnership with the University of Wisconsin. Program users are able to converse with Christy Johnson, a simulated patient with whom they're meeting at the clinic for follow-up care after a car accident. Christy will behave differently during each conversation; she may be low-risk, at-risk, or dependent on alcohol. Users can discuss various topics with Christy, such as her drinking habits, the consequences of her drinking, and her readiness to change. The goal of the technology is to improve the skills and confidence levels of its users and result in productive real-world conversations.

While conversing with Christy, users receive real-time feedback and support from an on-screen coach. Each user receives a score at the end of the conversation, grading their technique.

Sources: PR Web, SIMmersion

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