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11 hot healthcare buzzwords for 2011

Hospitalist Leadership Connection, January 11, 2011

With rapid changes in healthcare comes a new vocabulary with terms and phrases every provider should know.

Culled from journal articles, conferences, blogs and other media, some of these phrases might not be all that new. But it's our bet that even if you've heard some of them before, you're going to hear a lot more references to them in 2011.

They include:

  1. HER-EMR-HIT interoperability
  2. Creative destruction
  3. Hospital-acquired infections – getting to zero
  4. Teachback
  5. Pink fatigue/pinkification (also known as pink product placement)
  6. Satisfaction scores
  7. Alignment
  8. Respectful crisis management
  9. Checklists
  10. Medical apps
  11. Medical loss ratio


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