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Annual medical executive committee orientation: A strategy for improving MEC effectiveness

Medical Staff Leader Insider, August 20, 2001

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If your goal is to have a high performing medical staff organization, strong physician leadership and an effective MEC are the most important elements. Linda Mogue, CMSC, director of medical staff services at Health Midwest, learned this lesson well and applies it every year. In fact, she provides an annual orientation to all MEC members, covering the key areas they need to understand to fulfill their responsibilities effectively.

To get help designing this orientation program, the medical staff invited Al Fritz, practice director for medical staff services at The Greeley Company, to present a program entitled "Medical Staff Leadership Techniques - The How To's." Building on this program, Mogue designed an annual orientation and update for MEC members.

According to Mogue, "The best part of this process is that the MEC members are informed and prepared to take on their responsibilities. Over the years, the dynamic of the MEC has been very interactive, and the attendance has been exemplary. The members recognize the importance of their responsibilities and have had an opportunity to develop a comfort level for their interactions with the other members. I would highly recommend this process, as it is time well spent!"

For assistance in designing your medical staff leadership orientation and training, please contact Stacey Koch, consulting operations manager at The Greeley Company, by phone at 888/749-3054, by e-mail at, or visit our Web site at

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