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MDS 3.0 Insider, November 28, 2011

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Version 1.07 of the RAI User’s Manual contains many changes that went into effect October 1. Keeping track of all the changes is enough to make your head spin. So let’s take it one step at a time and look at some of the new coding instructions for Section O0400 (future issues will cover the remaining changes to Section O0400):

  • Therapy students (Medicare Part A) – Therapy students are not required to be in line-of-sight of the professional supervising therapist/assistant (Federal Register, August 8, 2011). Within individual facilities, supervising therapists/assistant must make the determination as to whether or not a student is ready to treat patients without line-of-sight supervision. Additionally all state and professional practice guidelines for student supervision must be followed.
  • Time may be coded on the MDS when the therapist provides skilled services and direction to a student who is participating in the provision of therapy. All time that the student spends with patients should be documented.

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