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Coding tip: Learn types and names of bunion procedures: Part 1

Ambulatory Surgery Reimbursement Update, October 9, 2007

The type and name of the bunion procedure is very important information for the surgeon to indicate in the operative report, so the ASC can correctly coding these procedures. The surgical correction of bunions involves different techniques, with varying levels of complexity. CPT codes 28290-28299 are reported for the correction of bunion deformities. If the procedure is done on one foot only use an -RT or -LT modifier. If the procedure is performed on both feet, use modifier -50, unless it is contractually-prohibited by the payor.

There are several types of bunion procedures, including:

  • The Silver procedure (CPT code 28290), which is a simple resection of the medial eminence
  • The Keller, McBride or Mayo procedure (CPT code 28292), which is when a portion of the proximal phalanx and usually the medial eminence of the metatarsal bone is removed
  • The Keller-Mayo procedure (CPT code 28293), which is when the joint of the big toe is removed and replaced with an implant
  • The Joplin procedure (CPT code 28294), which is when a tendon transplant is used to treat a Bunion malformation
  • The Lapidus procedure (CPT code 28297), which involves a metatarsocuneiform fusion with a distal soft tissue bunion repair

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