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Tip of the week: Work together to bring legislation to life

Managed Care Weekly Advisor, May 30, 2007

  1. Find a champion in the legislature. In part, passage of the bill was an educational process for members of the state's legislature. The Colorado Medical Society identified several friendly lawmakers at the outset, and then provided them with support and documentation from physicians and the Colorado affiliate of the Medical Group Management Association.

  2. Work with health plans in the state. One reason the bill moved quickly through this year's General Assembly is that the state's health plans first agreed on the scope of the bill.

  3. Provide legislators with copies of your managed care contracts. Most Colorado legislators, including the attorneys, had never seen a managed care contract, so providers used the opportunity to educate them about the contracting process.

  4. Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Sometimes, finding a working and mediated solution to contract issues is better than stonewalling until a perfect bill comes along.

  5. Be persistent. Even the best written bills can fail. The networking and education processes can smooth the way for future versions, however, so be optimistic and continue to work with your state legislators and your health providers.