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Tip of the week: Try these four tips to ensure payment for workers' comp cases

Managed Care Weekly Advisor, May 9, 2007

Adhering to the steps outlined in an in-house workers' compensation policy not only saves time and money, but is in the best interest of your employee and your business. When creating your policy, consider the following four pieces of advice:

  1. Verify eligibility. When an employee says his or her case is a workers' compensation claim, there must be a form to verify payment from the carrier.

  2. Obtain filing requirements in writing. Ask the carrier to fax requirements or preauthorization for filing the claim. Faxing a standard form that lists all of the information you have and asks what other information is necessary, and helps to avoid confusion.

  3. Include specific codes. To ensure the carrier covers the codes involved in the procedure, know the benefit details. Avoid simply listing the patient's ailments; using codes helps eliminate doubts as to what the carrier will cover.

  4. Confirm your contact at the carrier. Upon receipt of the form with an authorization number, make sure that your contact at the carrier has signed and dated the form. This speeds up the process and makes certain that the employee receives proper treatment.