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Q: When coding a resident as bedfast in item G6a, I know that the resident must be in a bed or recliner in his or her room for at least 22 hours per day. How many days do I count before I can check item G6a?

Julia's PPS Chat, February 15, 2006

A: When coding bedfast, you are correct regarding the amount of time per day-at least 22 hours-that a resident remains in his or her room. The other measure you need to consider is the number of days in your seven-day assessment period that these 22 hours in the room occur.

According to the updated RAI User's Manual, you should check item G6a if the resident meets this requirement on at least four of the seven days in your lookback period. Therefore, determine your assessment period and count the number of days that the resident was in the room for at least 22 hours.

Remember that your seven-day assessment period ends with the ARD. If the number of bedfast days in this period is four or higher, then check item G6a. Be sure to carefully count both the hours and the number of days. This MDS item affects one of the quality indicators, prevalence of bedfast residents, so carefully verify this information with the staff.

Always read your RAI User's Manual when you're unsure about how to code an item. Review the examples and clarifications in the manual. Your coding accuracy will hopefully improve, and you'll become more confident in your responses.

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