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Q: Should the health conditions that I check in MDS item J1 also be listed in item I3, other current or more detailed diagnoses and ICD-9 codes?

Julia's PPS Chat, December 22, 2004

Welcome again to our PPS chat!

Scheduling when to get your work accomplished can seem like a very difficult task. Just when you think you are back on track, another task needs to be done. What about scheduling MDS completion dates? Read on to find out how to maintain this schedule-

Q: On a Medicare PPS assessment, I know that I have 14 days from the assessment reference date (ARD), item A3a, to complete the MDS and sign and date it at item R2b, the RN assessment coordinator signature completion date.

How long do I have between A3a and R2b on an OBRA assessment?

A: The 14-day time limit between A3a and R2b applies to both PPS and OBRA assessments-with one very important exception. The initial OBRA admission assessment must be completed and dated in R2b within 14 days after the resident's admission date.

Always consider the admission date to be day one-by the 14th day of the resident's stay you must complete the assessment. Therefore, depending upon when you set your ARD, you will always have less than 14 days available to complete this assessment.

For all other MDS assessments, add 14 days to your ARD to arrive at the latest possible date to be entered in item R2b. Be sure that the MDS is completed and dated prior to the end of this 14-day time limit in order to remain in compliance with this requirement.

Because the R2b date signifies that the MDS is complete, all other dates the interdisciplinary team members enter in item AA9 must be prior to, or the same as, the date in R2b. No dates can be later than the R2b RN signature date.

As you now know how to schedule the completion dates of MDSs, you should be able to keep your tracking system up to date and get your MDSs done in a timely manner. Now if you could just decrease the number of unexpected interruptions during your day, you would really be doing well!

Until we chat again about MDS assessment periods-