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Choose the correct codes for suture repair of
spastic entropion

HCPro Coder Connection, November 17, 2003


1. The diagnostic reason for the encounter was spastic entropion, right lower eyelid.

2. The answer is a. one ICD-9-CM code is required for this case.

3. ICD-9-CM diagnosis code 374.03 is the appropriate code for this case.

4. The answer is c. Repair of entropion, suture.

5. The ICD-9-CM procedure and CPT procedure codes appropriate for this case are 08.42, "Repair, entropion, by or with suture" and 67921-E4, "Repair, eyelid, entropion, suture."

This week's HCProCoder Connection was adapted from The Modifier Clinic: A Guide to Hospital Outpatient Issues.