HCPro Revenue Cycle Institute Announces New Medicare Membership Service for Healthcare Clients

Press Releases, October 27, 2009

HCPro announced today a new membership program for healthcare organizations that face challenges managing Medicare rules and regulations. HCPro’s Revenue Cycle Institute launched the Medicare Membership Program to offer ongoing access to regulatory experts for analysis, guidance, and tailored on-site education for their revenue cycle teams.

"Clients have been asking us for an on-call resource to get their unique Medicare questions answered," said Lori Levans, Managing Director of the Revenue Cycle Institute. "They wanted to bring our advisors on-site to provide education, but with all the regulatory changes they juggle, they also wanted to have ongoing access to all the expertise that the Institute’s consulting faculty have to offer."

Several healthcare organizations have already taken advantage of the new membership model. The Institute holds monthly conference calls with each member organization to discuss regulatory changes from CMS that directly affect them, and provide analysis and guidance to address the changes. The Institute’s regulatory experts also field client questions that require a higher level of research and return answers that always include citations to the related regulation or regulatory guidance. As part of the membership, clients also receive five seats to MedicareFind, HCPro’s comprehensive, easily searchable database of Medicare rules and regulations and CMS documents governing reimbursement.

"This program is meant to bring our nationally known Medicare Boot Camp on-site to member organizations, and combine that with ongoing support from our team of experts," said Lauren McLeod, Revenue Cycle Publisher. "Organizations often find that they have different Medicare-related challenges at different times. This way they can stay up to date with ongoing changes from Medicare and tap our expertise all year long as new challenges arise."

About the Revenue Cycle Institute

HCPro’s Revenue Cycle Institute is a team of experts in healthcare reimbursement and regulation whose primary mission is to help organizations identify risk, determine opportunities for improvement, and prepare for and execute regulatory changes.

For more information about the Revenue Cycle Institute or the Medicare Membership Program, please visit www.revenuecycleinstitute.com