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CPT codes for hydration and infusion

Compliance Monitor Q&A , December 10, 2007

Q: What CPT code should be billed when IV hydration is infusing concurrently with IV chemo infusion?

For example, there is a 0900 to 1100 IV chemo infusion running into a port and an IV of NS at 125 cc/hr is running at same time as 0900 to 1100 into same port, each IV on its own IV pump.

The chemotherapy CPT's would be: 96413 x1 and 96415 x1. I'm not sure what the correct CPT is for the NS IV infusion running at same time (concurrently) would be.

A: The CPT codes for hydration 90760 & 90761 cannot be reported when performed as concurrent infusion services. You can bill for the medication/solution but not the administration if it is concurrent to another infusion.

Editor's Note: Jessica A. Little, CPC- FP, in Columbus, OH answered this question.