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Homecare Insider, August 22, 2016

Home care study shows checklist possible aid in providing attention to condition changes

Something as simple as a checklist may help prevent costly readmissions through prompting caregivers to check for changes in a patient’s condition that might evolve into something serious if not treated.

The study was conducted by Harvard Medical School’s Department of Health Care Policy and ClearCare, the provider of clinical software. It took place at 22 Right at Home offices. Right at Home operates on a franchise model, with 310 offices in 45 states.

The study consisted of two components: early identification of changes in patient condition and monitoring these changes in the home. The study implemented a caregiver checklist using the ClearCare software, so that the care manager can see condition updates in real time.

Logging into the system at the beginning of a visit prompted the patient condition checklist, as well as logging out at the end of a visit. It asks questions such as “Doe the client seem different than usual?” and about changes in habits.

The study states that caregivers felt more warnings of patient condition change were caught with the checklist, and that the items on the checklist warranted attention; however, some felt the checklist was redundant with their current practices.

Source: Right at Home, Home Health Care News                                                          

Man posing as home health owner please guilty in $4.2m in fraud case

Ramon Collado Gonzalez of Miami, Florida pleaded guilty Monday after feigning to the owner of Golden Home Health Care, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Florida.

Gonzalez signed documents for submission of false Medicare claims in exchange for monthly payments and periodic bonuses from the true owners, Mildrey Gonzalez and Milka Alfaro, who were charged separately for their alleged roles.

Source: Healthcare Dive

NIH recommends vaccines for people over 50
The National Institute of Health (NIH) has recommended vaccines for people over the age of 50, including:

  • The flu shot every year
  • A tetanus, diptheria, and whooping cough as well as a tetanus booster if necessary.
  • The shingles vaccine
  • Both vaccines for pneumococcal disease.

NIH also included a video with their recommendation.

Source: NAHC

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