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Insider’s scoop | Teaching programs for infection control

Homecare Insider, August 8, 2016

Editor’s note: This week’s Insider’s scoop is from Home Health Infection Control: A Manual for Compliance and Quality. This manual provides the information, forms, and tools that an agency needs to ensure it has a compliant infection control program. Click here for more information.

In today’s homecare climate, care delivery must be efficient and effective. One secret to accomplishing this goal is the use of standardized teaching programs, which decrease variation in care delivery while contributing to consistent patient learning. They also support teaching, which is a Medicare-covered skilled nursing service.

A teaching program identifies essential patient education content. It provides a space to document the exact interventions taken, dates of the interventions, and patient response. The teaching program uses a column format, reflecting the nursing process.

Following assessment, identify the patient’s knowledge and/or skill deficit and the learning need. The expected outcome details the change in the patient’s knowledge or skill after teaching has been provided. Interventions are the teaching strategies and specific content. Evaluation shows the patient’s response or progress toward the expected outcome.