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Insider’s scoop | Coding diabetes and related conditions

Homecare Insider, July 11, 2016

Editor’s note: This week’s Insider’s scoop is from the “Coding corner” column in the latest issue of Homecare DIRECTION, your source for insight, news, and guidance on home health and hospice regulatory changes. Click here for more information.

The American Hospital Association (AHA) Coding Clinic has clarified the proper way to code diabetes and related conditions. According to the AHA's clarification, coders should interpret the word "with" in the index to mean "associated with" or "due to." This interpretation allows the coders to assume a relationship between diabetes and the related condition.

The term "with" in the index is interpreted as a link between diabetes and the condition. There are a total of 53 instances listed in the alphabetic index. There is an assumption of a cause-and-effect relationship between diabetes and certain diseases of the kidneys, nerves, and circulatory system. The guiding principle is if the condition is listed in the index under "with," code the condition as related.